Monday, July 8, 2013

Review ~ Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

When Keri Daniels' editor finds out she has previous carnal knowledge of reclusive bestselling author Joe Kowalski, she gives Keri a choice: get an interview or get a new job.
Joe's never forgotten the first girl to break his heart, so he's intrigued to hear Keri's back in town--and looking for him. Despite his intense need for privacy, he'll grant Keri an interview if it means a chance to finish what they started in high school.
He proposes an outrageous plan--for every day she survives with his family on their annual camping and four-wheeling trip, Keri can ask one question. Keri agrees; she's worked too hard to walk away from her career.
But the chemistry between them is still as potent as the bug spray, Joe's sister is out to avenge his broken heart and Keri hasn't ridden an ATV since she was ten. Who knew a little blackmail, a whole lot of family and some sizzling romantic interludes could make Keri reconsider the old dream of Keri & Joe 2gether 4ever.

I was just sitting here, looking at the title of this book, trying to put my words together when it occurred to me.  I do not clearly see how the title fits the book.  I've probably waited too long to write this review, and I digress...

I loved the whole scene of this book.  Convincing Keri to go on this camping trip with his family set this up so nicely.  Not the most idyllic place for Keri after the luxuries of living in LA for so long, but hey, she needs the story, right?  Joe's family was an awesome group of characters.  They were caring, funny and just the right amount of nosiness.  Joe's twin sister and Keri have history so there is a bit of a subplot there which also enhances the fun of Joe & Keri's possible rekindling.

I have not read contemporary for a long time, and if it hadn't been for book club, I probably would not have found this gem.  I rated it at a 4 stars mainly because I really enjoyed it, but am so unfamiliar with that genre right now, I have nothing to compare it to.  It was a fun, romantic read though and I would definitely recommend it.

Read for:  Book Club
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Challenges:  2013 Audiobook Challenge
Published:  June 7, 2010

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  1. I enjoyed this one too and so need to pick up the next one, lovely review!


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